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It doesn't matter if you can sing like a pro or can barely carry a tune. Karaoke is NOT a competition, and should never be taken seriously. Some singers get mad at themselves if they don't sing every note perfectly, but hey, it's only Karaoke! Most of us are just out for a night of fun and laughs and that's what Karaoke is all about!

The Karaoke host is in charge of the sound system to make sure the music and the singer are mixed correctly. Mixing the singer and the music is task that takes know how and ALOT of practice. A good host can make you sound as though you're a part of the recording rather than just "on top of it".

There are literally thousands of songs one can sing Karaoke to. A quality Karaoke Company will have a large mix of classics and country, up through today's hits. Most of today’s Karaoke recordings are compact disc format. A "CD+G" is the term "CD plus graphics", and it the correct term for "Karaoke CD".

Our Karaoke songs are in songbooks that are listed by the artist and by title. Following the song name is a number. That number lets the host know where to find a particular song. It is important to write down the entire number before giving your request slip to the host. The request slips are usually found in the front of the Karaoke songbook with instructions on how to fill the slip out. It's really quite easy, there are lines for your name, the song you'll be singing and the song number. Most hosts appreciate it greatly when the slip is filled out properly.

Karaoke is a lot of fun, once you try it! Many are afraid, many are shy and some are obsessed! It can become addicting because it's so much fun!


Karaoke hit the U.S. in California, from Japan, in the late 80's. It was mostly popular in Florida and other southern states, but has quickly spread all over the country. You can find karaoke shows in all different types of establishments on any given night of the week.


The main places that have karaoke shows are local bars, taverns, or restaurants with a lounge. People sometimes hire karaoke hosts for private events, such as parties, weddings and picnics. Some people love karaoke, some hate it and some who thought they hated it end up loving it because they realize that they CAN sing! Anyone can sing, "Yes even you!"

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